Batting Practice

Back before we had Apple, we had pears. Lots and lots of pears. Catch the pear tree on a good year and you could find dozens of pears scattered beneath its limbs, pushed off the branch to make room for new ones. Nini and Granddaddy liked pears, but too many meant a queasy stomach and no matter […]

Fall in Butler

Fall in Butler officially began when Granddaddy announced that it was time to take the window unit out of the living room. This yearly ritual signaled a changing of the seasons – a change that I met each year with mixed feelings. Cooler temperatures meant I’d have to wear shoes whenever I wanted to go […]

Diggin’ Sweet Potatoes

Every year, he’d plant. And in the fall, we’d harvest. One by one, like baby ducklings behind a mother, we’d fall in line behind the blue Ford tractor. Granddaddy would plow, his calloused hands gripping the steering wheel, and we’d pick up – Dad, Mom, and me. Eventually, Baylee joined us in the field. “Make me […]

I Believe I Did

“You ain’t gonna be able to find that snake by the time he gets here with a gun. Even if you find him, he’ll be too far away to hit ‘em good.” “He’ll get him, Tom. You don’t know him like I do.” Our leisurely mule ride in Butler interrupted by a snake making his […]