Our Living Room

Much to my delight, we’ve been trucking right along lately with renovations around the Culverhouse. My most personally productive months are January & February because instead of 3 shoots a day, I’m doing only 5-6 a week which is the perfect amount to tackle and still be able to have a life, too. Unfortunately, my dad, my lead construction worker has other business to tend to and I need someone who could devote all day//everyday to make my farmhouse dreams a reality. Lucky for me, I found that in Mr. Robby. He’s a jack-of-all-trades — great (and very meticulous, which I like) work for a very reasonable price. Plus, he’s great company. The dogs and I enjoy having him around during the day.

Our latest project was our living room. The living room wasn’t hideous, but it needed “fluffing” (stealing that term from my sweet friend Maggie Griffin from Maggie Griffin Design). It’s the room that Tom and I spend the most time in, but it was a conglomeration of all our stuff — and it didn’t match. I wanted to simplify, declutter, and PAINT.

When I moved in, the very first thing I noticed in this room was the big SPLAT on the wall. Apparently, a bird had taken up residence while the house was vacant and had committed suicide on my wall, leaving a blood splatter — a blood splatter that I lived with for TWO WHOLE YEARS. A fresh coat of paint was my first call to action. After stressing for days over which gray to purchase for our most-used room, I was flipping through one of Bee’s Real Simple magazines when I saw it: Colonnade Gray from Sherwin Williams. I didn’t even have to buy a sample to know it was my color. It’s the perfect “happy” shade of gray. Grays are so hard — but they’re my favorite. We’re starting on our foyer and ginormous hallway next week and they’ll both carry on the Colonnade Gray trend.


I purchased this cabinet from Ikea to de-clutter the room. All the stuff was spread out on the surfaces of the room and I couldn’t stand it — I felt like junk was everywhere. This was a way to keep everything in the room, because it really is special to us, but to have it contained in one place. Lindsay Letters “Come Thou Fount” frame is from Hobby Lobby.


I basically kept the same layout when it came to photo frames on the wall — I just refreshed them with gold spray paint instead of the dark gray, almost black color they were.


This adorable pig from TJ Maxx also got a bath in gold spray paint because his original red just did not fit our color scheme.


I bought this jute rug from Overstock.com because I’m pretty sure it’s the only type of rug that won’t show farmer boot tracks. I layered my white & tan cowhide rug over it, but only under the coffee table, where the farmer can’t possibly walk. Our … is that a coat rack/bench thing…got a fresh coat of paint, too.


Perfect little photo assistants.


The fireplace got a fresh coat of paint — BYE DISGUSTING YELLOW BRICK. My favorite thing in the room, other than the dogs, is the chalkboard. It started as a mirror, but I painted it with chalkboard paint and my beloved gold spray paint, and Emma wrote the quote for me: “Every so often, go where you can hear a screen door slam.” A quote from one of my favorite weddings spots around here, Plantation Farms. 🙂


The only things we have left to do in here are finding a method to hiding those daggum TV cords — they’re literally going to send me to an early grave. I hate them. We’re also looking to downsize in the coffee table department — I adore my barn door table, but it’s just a little big for the room.


Throw pillows on couch: World Market

“Georgia” Throw Pillows: Two Peaches Design (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!)

Gold Pouf: Land of Nod

Curtains: Nate Berkus for Target

Sofa & Love Seat: Harverty’s

Accent Chairs: Pier 1

Ceiling Fan: Lowes


One thought on “Our Living Room

  1. I love it! It looks like a magazine cover. That coffee table would be great somewhere in the hall, if you need to get it out of there

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