Breakfast Room

Now, our wedding was hands down the best day of my life; however, can I just say how THRILLED I am that it’s behind us? I missed working on our house. During the months leading up to the wedding, all renovations had to come to a screeching halt since a) weddings take all your money and b) weddings take all your time, too.

This may seem pathetic, but Tom can’t sleep with a T.V. on at night (that’s the pathetic part) and I have to because it keeps my mind in one place focused on one thing instead 150,000 different things. Well, marriage is all about sacrifice, right? So of course I was the one to have to sacrifice, so the way I’ve learned to fall asleep at night is to mentally decorate our home. My mind kept going back to our hideous breakfast room that had become the victim of a Pinterest fail, the “chalkboard wall.” Since this house was built before sheetrock was invented, the walls are plaster and let’s just say chalkboard paint doesn’t look very pretty on rough walls. Nor can I draw well enough to justify having an entire wall of chalkboard paint. I did manage to draw a hilariously large peach that looked more like a butt than a peach. We covered it with a china cabinet. It.was.hideous. See?


So, I decided there was no way I could live on this earth another day and face that chalkboard wall. I called my construction crew (a.k.a. my parents) and they came over right away. Actually, it took a lot of begging and about 4 months but they finally came. We started by adding beadboard around the perimeter of the room and expanded the molding up top, as well, to make it appear thicker. (Mom’s genius idea that I didn’t realize was genius at the time). We needed a way to display our fancier dishes, but I didn’t like the idea of a china cabinet, plus the one we had wasn’t nearly large enough. We decided on open shelving secured to the wall. I was told that these were absolutely, 100% permanent because of all the methods we used to make them assured to not fall.


The drink sign is leftover from our wedding — who could bear to erase something that pretty written by my talented sis-in-law, Emma? I’m eventually going to frame photos of us eating peach ice-cream in our wedding attire around the sign, but I have yet to find frames that I like enough to hang in here.


The “Live A Quiet Life” print is from here.


Kenedy gave us the clock for Christmas. I hugged him. It fits perfectly.


I think I’ve explained the story behind the pie-safe before, but basically I all but nutted up when I saw it one day on assignment in Chattanooga. I ran inside the store and told the lady to hold it, that as SOON as my shift ended I was coming back for it. Tom gave it to me as a birthday gift and it’s my favorite piece of furniture to ever grace the planet.


Overall, I’ll give my construction crew an A+, although I’m not sure if they deserve a mark that high since there was quite a bit of cursing and complaining going on throughout the process. Old houses, they give you a run for your money. Actually they just take all your money and run. On to dreaming about the next room….


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