Wedding Update 2: Peaches, Pigs, and Pretty People

One of my earliest memories is sitting barefoot in the grass behind my grandparent’s house in Butler watching my granddaddy peel a peach. Ever so slowly, he’d slide the blade of his knife in a circle around the peach until the peeling fell to ground, still in one piece. He’d reach down, pick up the peeling, and toss it into Nini’s flower bed nearby. “It’s good for the flowers,” they’d tell me. Granddaddy would never get in a hurry over anything. Even at four, patience wasn’t my strong point, so I’d hunt “rollie polies” under the porch mat until he handed me that first bite of peach. It went in the same order each time – he’d cut a slice for me, then take one for himself. After his first bite, he’d comment on the sweetness.

“That eats alright, don’t it, gal?”

He always gave me the last bite as he’d tuck the seed away in the front pocket of his overalls to save. He’d walk over to the yellow bucket filled with peaches and inspect each one until he found another one suitable for our snack. My hands would stay sticky all summer long.

Even now, I’ll occasionally bite into a peach and begin to tear up because if I close my eyes, I can be there with him again and it feels so real.

That’s when my love affair with peaches began, at the ripe ol’ age of four sitting in the hot sun with dusty feet eating peaches with Granddaddy. That love has only strengthened through the years, dating Tom and becoming immersed in the farm world. We constantly joke that the only reason I’m marrying Tom is for the “peach perks” that come along with being related to the Pearsons.

When I started planning this wedding, above all else, I knew I wanted it to be special and pay homage to the things that we live for. It may seem strange that a person would “live for” peaches, but when something has the power to take you back, with just a taste, to a time when things were much simpler  — well, I truly think that’s a special thing and a tool that God uses to remind me that my childhood was a remarkable one and that what lies before us will be just as sweet as what is up ahead. So, yes, our wedding is peach-themed. But no, it wasn’t an idea grabbed from Pinterest,  because I like the color, or because they’re my favorite food. It has a much deeper meaning behind it. My goal is for our guests to be able to take a bite of a peach or to taste the peach ice-cream at our wedding and, even for a moment, be taken back to a time when life wasn’t as hard as it is now. I don’t expect everyone to understand it, but I do know some will.


Alllllllll that to say, I owe my entire life to Emma Torrence. When it came time to send out Save the Dates, I knew I wanted to introduce the fact that this wedding was centered around peaches. She took my vision for them and then completely blew my mind. When she showed me the finished product, I swear in that moment my heart leaped out of my chest. From the random chicken in the corner, to the perfect heart-shaped peaches, to our sweet baby Aphid right between us, I couldn’t imagine anything more ‘us.’ I constantly just find myself staring at it. As if designing it and creating it wasn’t enough, she even addressed them for us. The return address stamp was made by Mattie from Puddle Duck Paper Co.






A few more updates…

All Images © Ashlee Culverhouse Photo 2012

If mine & Tom’s relationship were a child, it would look like that little girl on the left. That’s because we started dating the month before she was born. It’s so crazy to think we’ve been together that long: eight, almost nine, years. Now it’s come full-circle and that sweet newborn that I met for the first time coincidentally when we got seated next to Ben & Kristin at a restaurant one night is our flower girl. And that mischievous little stud on the right is her little brother, our heartthrob of a cousin, Win. A.K.A., our ring bearer. One of the reasons I’m so excited about marrying Tom is finally getting to officially call this family my cousins.


Another huge checkmark on our to-do list was booking the honeymoon. What started out as a huge joke quickly turned into a, “hey….that really would be fun.” We’re going to Exuma, Island of the Swimming Pigs. I don’t expect anyone to understand why this is literally going to be the greatest thing to ever happen to me. We also don’t need anyone to tell us how strange we are for traveling thousands of miles to swim with pigs. To each his own. You can watch this super weird video: PIGS.


5 thoughts on “Wedding Update 2: Peaches, Pigs, and Pretty People

  1. So love the story of the endearing “peaches”….. your style is simply sublime…love a fellow Taylor County Girl…. ” keep peaches near your nose and sand between your toes.. (Dr. C…..your Sweet Daddy)

  2. Once again your writing moves me to tears, because I know exactly what you mean about the memories. As for swimming with the pigs, this looks fantastic !

  3. Ashlee, I love your writings. I can just picture you and Mr. Jack sitting on the step eating peaches. I would have expected nothing less from you. I wish that Aunt Mary and Rannie were here to see this but I know that they are looking down smiling.

  4. I don’t know you, Ashlee, but I know your sweet family and I can’t think of anything that is sweeter than remembering family (here and gone on) during this special time! So happy for YOUR happiness and LOVE the writings of memories of the past and excitement for the future! Swim on!

  5. Peach memories take me back to the days of when Les and I were first married. The Holleman’s are long time peach farmers and only retired from it in the last 10 years or so. My first memories are of dating Les and going to the peach shed to talk to his mom while she graded peaches. Of the big buckets people would come get and fill as they picked their own. and of the sweet workers Mr. Reggie hired to pick peaches the Holleman’s would sell. Ashlee I truly hope your wedding is a blessed event and that you and Tom have a long fruitful life together. You bring so much joy to so many I love.

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