“You know, the Bible says that God creates places on this earth where we feel closest to Him,” Mr. Bill says as he stares off into the distance.

Tears slide down both sides of my face and I wipe them away with the sleeve of my jacket. We’re sitting on the front porch on a chilly October night. Off in the distance, children are playing in the front yard. Men are standing around the garage talking. Women are inside the house laughing together. But on that front porch, at that moment, I feel as if we’re the only two people for miles.

“I believe that you feel a connection with Lee Pope because you can feel God’s nearness when you’re there.”

I will never, ever forget that moment as long as I’m alive. I will never forget that moment of clarity. I will never cease to realize how special it is that I have found the earthly place that gives me so much peace. I will never stop being grateful that, after almost 10 years, we get to devote our lives to each other in such a sacred place that is so rich in family history. Right smack dab in the middle of these Georgia peach trees.

© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com

Photo by: Haley Sheffield 


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