Makin’ Plans & Takin’ Names

Sooo, if you haven’t heard yet, Tom and I are getting married.

About time, right?

I don’t need to hear any more jokes about the fact that we have been dating for almost a decade – trust me, we’ve heard them all. To be honest, we were waiting until we were both at a point in our lives & our careers that marriage seemed appropriate. We wanted to make sure we were both emotionally (okay, I’ll probably never get to claim the title of emotionally stable, but…) ready as well as financially ready. That point happened last June, when Tom asked me to be his wife on the side of a mountain while I was wearing Chacos and a swimsuit coverup. Real smooth, Ashlee.

I digress.

I hopped right in to planning the wedding. HAHA, J/K. We’ve now been engaged 7 months and I’m JUST NOW getting around to asking my best friends to be in the wedding. Luckily, I’ve got the amazing Molly McKinley on board and she does a fantastic job keeping me on track. But, back to asking my friends to join in on the wedding with us…

I wanted to ask them in a meaningful way. Being in someone’s wedding is such a responsibility and since these 6 girls are literally my best friends in the entire universe, I really wanted it to be special. I started by ordering these super darling cards from Rifle Paper Co.

All Images © Ashlee Culverhouse Photo 2012All Images © Ashlee Culverhouse Photo 2012

I have two MOHs :: My sister, Bee, and my bestie-that’s-like-my-sister, Lauren. I picked two because it will take both of them to talk me out of eloping.

Next, I designed these “Bridesmaid Guides” from Minted. This template is typically used for Save-the-Dates, but because we’re doing something completely different for our Save the Dates (I hate that you can’t abbreviate that without it being an STD), I knew these would be perfect to include in their basket. More on the Save the Dates later…they’re going to be out of this world. Just FYI.

All Images © Ashlee Culverhouse Photo 2012

Inside the guide, I included major details like who would be in the wedding, what we’re doing the morning of, and where we’ll be getting dressed. I used the photos taken of us last spring by my sweet friend, Belen. The photos were taken at the same spot where we’ll be getting married, so that made it even more special.

All Images © Ashlee Culverhouse Photo 2012

Next, I had to find a few things to fill the basket with. These Rifle Paper Co. notebooks from Target were perfect since they matched the card. I also picked up these earrings and packaged them in polka-dotted boxes I got from the dollar-bin at Target. The earrings were just gifts, they aren’t required to be wearing these the day of the wedding or anything.

All Images © Ashlee Culverhouse Photo 2012

I also picked up some jars from Hobby Lobby and filled it with peach-scented body scrub.

All Images © Ashlee Culverhouse Photo 2012

Next, I had to find a way to give them an idea of what to pick up as far as bridesmaids dresses go. I’m letting them pick their own style of dress — we’re just sticking to a similar color scheme of light peach & creme. I stole some paint swatches from Lowes that closely coordinated with our colors & printed a few example photos I found on Pinterest to give them a better idea of what to look for. I mounted them on cardboard colored card stock (say that fast 3 times) and tied them all together with bakers twine.

All Images © Ashlee Culverhouse Photo 2012

I then decorated these gift tags from, once again, the magical Target dollar bin.

All Images © Ashlee Culverhouse Photo 2012

Since our wedding is peach-themed, I picked up a few produce baskets from my MIL’s store to hold everything. Once all that was set, I put everything together..

All Images © Ashlee Culverhouse Photo 2012 All Images © Ashlee Culverhouse Photo 2012

And ended up with this! I thought they turned out so cute that I really didn’t want to give them away! Good thing I love these girls.

Here’s a rundown of our wedding party:

BeeBop | Maid of Honor

Bee is my younger sister by 7 years, although EVERYONE always thinks that she’s the oldest. She is my best friend in the world and we can pretty much read each other’s minds. She’s also one of the very few in this world that I trust with Aphid, so she’ll be his official “caregiver” during the ceremony. Yes, he’s in the wedding. Duh.

Lauren | Maid of Honor

Lauren is my bestie and my soulmate and oh, my college roommate. NO ONE makes me laugh harder than Lauren. We complete each other in ways I never thought possible and the fact that there was a time where we weren’t friends baffles me. When I’m not with her, I miss her. She’s that amazing.

Brittany | Bridesmaid

Brittany and I became friends through working at the Peach Palette together. Even though we went to school together, she was 2 years older and we didn’t run in the same crowd. Now, Tom and I hang out with Britt and her husband, Patrick (also in the wedding) and their baby girl, Addy Kate, pretty much every night of the week. We also love to travel to foreign countries together. LOLZ.

Emma | Bridesmaid

Emma is Tom’s sister and one of the most talented people I know. She can make anything beautiful. She is also one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. I’ve known Emma for ten years now and I have never heard her say one mean thing about someone. Whenever I think about the type of person I’d like to be, Emma comes to mind.

Ashley | Bridesmaid

Yams is my “biffle.” We’re complete opposites, but she understands me and I understand her. She’s the most logical person and I know she’s the one person who will tell me nothing but the truth. I can tell her anything and trust her with anything. She was my constant friend throughout college and my best college memories have her in them. We don’t get to see each other as much as I like but when we’re together, it’s like we were never apart. Also, I need her there to sing Miranda Cosgrove’s “Kissin U.”

Katie | Bridesmaid

Katie is one of my oldest friends. We met in the 7th grade (I think?) and she is one of the prettiest people in the world, both outside and inside. We’ve had so many good times over the years, whether we were watching Jerry Springer, dressing up as grapes, or launching toy cars down the stairs in the playroom.


Tom has 7 groomsmen:

Aphid | The Bestest Man and Son

David | Best Man & Dad

Kenedy | Groomsman & Best Friend & Business Manager

Cal | Groomsman & Friend

 Cleve | Groomsman & Brother

Will | Groomsman & Brother

Patrick | Groomsman & Tom’s Partner in Crime


One thought on “Makin’ Plans & Takin’ Names

  1. Love this… Love you… And love Tom! Tell him that I plan to PERSONALLY provide a fire truck for your wedding… Because he probably STILL has doubts that I can drive one!

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