Day 4 | Healy, Alaska: Denali Park

Tonight is going to have to be short and sweet because I’m not sure my eyelids are going to stay open much longer, even though it’s 11:40 p.m. and it’s still broad daylight outside – I honestly don’t know how people do it.

We spent most of our day in the car, setting out for our cabin in Denali around 10:00 a.m. We made plans to stop at a grocery store in Wasilla, home town of Sarah Palin, to buy groceries for the next couple days while we’re staying near the park with few choices for lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, Baylee and I fell asleep and Dad an Tom got in to such an in-depth conversation that they left Mom in the driver’s seat and we didn’t notice that we’d passed the last grocery store about 10,499 miles ago. We luckily found a nice lady jogging who was kind enough to point us in the direction of a small grocery store name Cubby’s several miles down the road. We ended up paying $6.00 for things like…oh, a box of Cheeze Its, but we were relieved to have found somewhere to stop on our long, desolate drive.


It didn’t take us long to decide on our next stop, when we passed a shack with junk strewn for miles outside of it. Sounded just like our kind of place, Wal*Mike. I’ve been just dying for a set of elk antlers for my house, but unfortunately Mike, who had a necklace made of polar bear claws hanging from his neck, wanted a quarter of a million dollars for his rotten, weathered antlers. Oh, and he had photos of dead people in his shop, as well as a human hand soaking in alcohol. As much as Tom prodded, Mike wouldn’t tell where he got the hand. And we even got doc’s (Dad’s) opinion…it was a real hand. He also laughed when Tom asked how the dead guy in the photo died, “oh, that guy? Nobody liked him. Probably a heart attack or something. Huhuhuhuhuuu.”



Our next stop was a picnic area overlooking Mt. McKinley. Oh, except you can never see Mt. McKinley due to clouds and fog. Now, if there’s one thing to be said about our family, it’s that we LOVE a good picnic and all the food that goes along with it. Lunch meat, chips and dip, cheese, crackers…anything, you name it, and we purchase it for our frequent picnics. When we go to National Parks, all we DO and LIVE FOR are our picnicking adventures. Funny enough, Tom hates picnicking and misses his daily lunch from his good friends at Tapatios or Dairy Queen. One of these days, we’ll convince him there’s no better way to eat than on a blanket or table outdoors.


Our final stop before we reached our destination was to take a photo of this moose Mom spotted quite a ways off the road. I was immediately attacked by killer, larger-than-life mosquitoes, so I didn’t stick around long.


We made it to our cabin, which is like a Yoder building with plumbing, and rested for awhile before heading out to dinner at one of the few places in town, The Salmon Bake. We’re currently piled into our respective beds, blankets thrown over the windows to cut down on the sunlight that shines at all hours of the night, although as tired as we’ve been lately, I don’t think any of us are having any trouble falling asleep.


^ Physically assaulting Baylee with Queen Anne’s Lace – apparently it burns your skin if you’re exposed to sunlight.



Our cabin has a great view and the rushing river sounds like rain…



2 thoughts on “Day 4 | Healy, Alaska: Denali Park

  1. Uh oh Ashley, in the south Queen Anne’s Lace is usually loaded with chiggers. Hopefully that isn’t so in Alaska. I am really enjoying your commentaries, I look forward to reading them every evening.

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