Day 1 | Anchorage, Alaska

Day 1 | Anchorage, Alaska

I’m constantly annoyed that going on vacation gets more difficult with age. When I was younger with few responsibilities, I didn’t really need the vacation. Now, my mental sanity depends on it, but it seems like vacations take so much work to get ready for that it completely defeats the purpose. #firstworldproblems, I know. Poor me, it’s sooooo much work to get ready to go on a 11-day driving excursion across the Alaskan tundra. I suppose the difficulty could arise from the fact that I began tackling my “to-do” list at 10:57 p.m. the night before we’re set to leave for Alaska. Between editing 4 sessions, packaging 6, getting “sneak-peeks” ready to post, prepping 3 blog posts to go live, doing 2 loads of laundry and giving 1 stinky dog a bath, I was absolutely destitute by the time I crawled into bed at 4:30 a.m. I was lucky that I only forgot to do one thing the night before. I was unlucky in that it was probably the most important: packing. So, I was left scrambling this morning at 8:23, throwing a mix-match assortment of clothing into a rainbow-colored rolling suitcase adorned with flip-flops just praying I’d be able to make at least 2 decent outfits out of it.

Aphid and I said our tearful goodbye the night before as I dropped him off at Nini & Granddaddy’s house. Odie Claude is in good hands at Endless Love Pet Palace, but that didn’t stop me from squalling like a baby as we pulled away as Tom assured me that OC didn’t think I was abandoning him. Weevil is staying at his Grandma & Grandpa Bacon’s house where he will be given endless amount of fried food and left to sleep in the purple chair next to their bed, his own little slice of heaven.

Due to lack of sleep, Baylee and I slept pretty much the entire way to the airport, with the exception of Mom asking us if we’d “like some fruit” every few minutes. We made great time maneuvering through check-in and security, so we had plenty of time to kill once we reached our terminal. I was even able to catch up on e-mails; I’ve long been debating whether it’s best to actually BE on vacation and not answer emails while I’m away OR to consistently answer the incoming messages and not have a pile to tackle once I arrive back home. Bee, Tom, and I hit up a burrito joint for lunch and loaded up on plenty snacks to prep for the 7.5 hour flight.

Long flights are honestly my idea of a torture chamber, especially when you get the short end of the stick and get stuck in the middle seat between BeeBop and Tom, who I honestly believe has restless leg syndrome. Baylee and I consumed our entire stock of snacks within 5 minutes of take-off, so that was unfortunate. Factor in a few smelly fellow passengers, warm/stale air, and nothing but peanuts or pretzels to live off of, and you have a full-time misery production. Tom bought me a cheese platter at one point to shut me up, but that only worked for the amount of time I was chewing, so his plan was foiled. I slept for about an hour, but was pretty sure my neck was going to snap if my head fell over one more time, so I gave up and made headway in a book that is quickly becoming one of my favorites, Bloom.

 We arrived in Anchorage, AK, around 7:30 their time, which is 11:30 our time. We were upgraded from the equivalent of a Prius to a Suburban, PRAISE THE GOOD LORD, since there are five of us and some of us (* cough * Tom * cough * Baylee) take up more room than others. We literally rode in a gigantic circle around the city atelast 5 times searching for the “Muffin Man Café” that Dad insisted we try because they’re said to have the best salmon and cream cheese sandwich (GAG) in all creation. An hour later, we finally stumble upon it to see that it is closed. Guess that salmon sandwich ain’t that good. We settled on Outback (we usually like to try local places, but it’s coming up on 1 a.m. our time and we’re so over this right now…). When the waitress asked how many were in our party, it only took one word coming out of my mouth for the waitress to say “OMG, WHERE ARE YOU PEOPLE FROM?!” She must’ve been raised in an igloo. Rude.

And now we’re here, at the SpringHill Suites, where Bee and I are tucked into our cozy, plush bed while Tom is tossing and turning on his glorified mattress springs a.k.a. a pull-out sofa. We have a wake-up call coming bright and early at 4:45 tomorrow morning, when we’ll hop on the Alaskan Railroad and ride it up to Seward where we will spend one night before returning back to Anchorage and setting out in our Suburban for Denali and finally, Fairbanks.

I haven’t taken out my real camera yet, but here’s a few iPhone photos from our journey so far. Hopefully my next update will include something with a higher quality and a more scenic view.


Dropping my boo-thang off this morning. Sure do miss my sweet boys…





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