All About Easter

To be honest, I love Easter more than Christmas and my birthday combined. I can’t remember a day when I wasn’t absolutely, wholeheartedly obsessed with Easter. Coloring eggs, hunting candy-filled goodies, baby rabbits {and chocolate ones, too}, peach blossoms, pastel-colored dresses, Sunday sunrise service. EVERYTHING about Easter makes me happy. Perhaps my love for Easter stems from my obsession with Spring and Easter is sort of the “official marker” of warmer weather and longer days. Let’s be real, here. Winter is full of cold weather and darkness. Now, that’s great and all for about 2 days and then I just want to die.

Tom and I are lucky to be spending Easter in the best of ways this year. We’re eating lunch after church with Ben and Kristin and their kids, Katherine Ann and Win. We’re heading over to dinner at Emma and Matt’s house that night where my parents, Tom’s parents, and Matt’s family will eat together. Maybe if Dad and Tom would finish building my dining room table, I could host a holiday dinner. Ahem.

My Easter decor went up on February 17th and will probably remain until a month or so before Christmas. The only reason it didn’t go up the day after Valentine’s Day was because I was busy dying of food poisoning. Anyway, I feel like I’ve spent enough time on this blog harping on that.

Sticking with my theme of showing off my mantel…


As you can see, I’ve made approximately 0% progress in covering up my beige walls. *Sigh* Baby steps.

The Easter bunny actually made a visit earlier this week. He’s got abnormally large ears and has a fondness for digging in trashcans, digging holes in the yard, climbing onto tables, rolling in dead worms and dumping bags of dog food onto the floor. He’s really quite the charmer.


And the Easter “chicks” have grown up into the ugliest teenagers with terrible attitudes and bad skin. I hate them. They finally graduated to their “big-kid” coop this week and they love to escape and run up under vehicles so that one has to do the army crawl to reach them.


I met a guy earlier this year that breeds rabbits and he wanted me to have one. So here’s Melrose Culverhouse, a 2-month old baby rabbit that eats more than 50-lb Odie Claude. Now before all heck breaks loose, she’s not a prop for my photo business, although she’s made a few {supervised} appearances. She’s a pet that lives in her own little mansion in my barn and she’s quite happy there. She and the chicks have bonded quite nicely, although I’m scared to let them interact too much in case bad attitudes are contagious.


And because I can’t write a blogpost without mentioning my three stooges…

Odie Bear continues to keep watch over my yard. I walked out the other night and found him sitting in the chair I’d been using earlier that afternoon. My sweet hood rat.


The other two rats keep busy double-teaming Odie and beating him up, begging for food, or helping their mommy photograph 25 cans of BBQ sauce over an 8-hour period in the rain. Never again.


A few exciting things happening in April:

My friend from Chattanooga, Dan, is coming to visit for a weekend and to participate in a bike race in Perry.

I turn 24. Which maybe that’s not that exciting. I don’t really like birthdays anymore.

Tom and I are going to New York City with our BFFN {best friends for now}, Brittany and Patrick. We had such a grand time last year in Punta Cana between “Fanta Uvas,” “jamon y mayonesa” sandwiches, and “tienes un perros” that we can’t wait to see what the English-speaking Big Apple has in store for us.


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