Photo Update | Life at the Culverhouse

Things have been going fairly smooth around here since I’ve slowed down a bit with my business and put limits on how much I work per week. I have most mornings free to edit and I usually do a shoot each afternoon and 3-4 per weekend. Things are trucking along at a pace I can handle and I haven’t experienced the chest pain-inducing stress in months.

Things around the house are going well. When I say well, I mean they’re going well, so WELL that my WELL broke and racked up a $1,400.00 WELL bill. Oh well. Then my heater broke, leaving me with another $300.00 bill and a sky-high power bill on top of things. I do love my house. So much. But home ownership is for the birds, man. Especially OLD home ownership, but I wouldn’t trade it. I’m used to a maintenance man swooping in and saving the day for free, but that just doesn’t happen when you own a home. Luckily, Tom is pretty handy and saves me lots of money on repair bills, but the ones that are out of his league sure do hurt.

I guess the biggest change around here is the fact that we now have a pig. I didn’t want a pig, but I’m known around Fort Valley as the biggest SUCKER in the county. Tom’s friend, Scott, has two sons that show pigs. Little Lucy didn’t make weight this year, so her fate was either me or bacon. People think that I’m the sucker, but it’s really Tom. After the influx of bills from the past month, I told Tom there was NO WAY I could afford to take care of and feed a 200 lb. pig. But Tom insisted, and is in the process of fencing in one side of my barn. He’s also responsible for all of Lucy’s expenses and care. Lucy (aka “Little Oink”) fits in quite well. She’s always covered in mud like her daddy, has an appetite like her mommy, and is lazy and spoiled like all of her brothers and sisters. So far, having a pig is exactly like having a dog. She rolls in the dirt, loves to have her belly scratched, and runs up to us when we walk over to her gate. She’s even had a few visitors stop by to meet her.


I forgot to mention how much she smiles. She seems to have a smile permanently plastered across her sweet face.


It’s also amazing how much she eats. We feed her leftovers, pig feed, and hay. She also grazes all day, steals the goat and mini-horse food, and we’ve had a few feed bowls go missing…


Speaking of pigs…


Odie Claude has gained almost 15 pounds since I found him roaming the streets of Fort Valley in November. I am quite smitten with this little boy. As Tom says, “you can take the rat out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the rat.” OC is such a hooligan. Aphid and Weevil are so used to the finer things in life – Aphid barely even wants to go outside and FORGET IT if it’s raining. OC stays outside all day long and loves it – his main occupation is digging. A few weeks ago, I brought all three dogs a bone. The first thing OC did when I gave it to him was run to one of his beloved holes and bury it.


Aphid thought this was the most ridiculous thing he’d ever heard of and made his opinion known. Odie Claude just stood guard with those teeny ears drooped. I eventually had to dig up the bone and throw it away to avoid getting sent to jail for dog-fighting. When Odie is intimidated or nervous about something, he shuts his eyes…incase you were wondering why he looked like a meek little meercat in all of these pictures. Aphid was putting up quite the fuss.

Weevil’s heart condition is stable and he seems to be feeling well. He digs in the trash, knocks over any cup you leave sitting around, and will attempt to climb on any surface he deems climbable. Tom brings him by most mornings and he stays in my fence.


Another addition to the Culverhizzle is my tire swing. I was so excited to finally get this up and ready before my spring sessions begin.


On a sad note, Tom and I came home from church last Sunday and saw two stray dogs in my driveway. I didn’t think anything of it until I saw that one of them had something in its mouth. At first, I thought it was a cat, but the way Tom jumped out of the truck and started beating the dog clued me in. They killed both Cully and Loretta. I guess that’s part of living on a farm, but I sure was sad. They had become like pets and my clients adored them. I buried Cully on my grandparent’s land and unfortunately, there wasn’t enough left of Loretta to bury. We aren’t sure who the dogs belonged to. Tom wanted to shoot the dogs, but I said to save the bullet for the owners who aren’t watching them! They didn’t have collars but they looked well fed. Maybe their bellies were just swollen from so much chicken. 😦 My sweet chicken family will be missed, though.

I was so excited to introduce Cully and Loretta to their new children, but they never had the opportunity to meet. We have six teeny weeny baby chicks that, as of today, graduated to their temporary teenager coop instead of my guest bathroom. In a couple of weeks, I’m hoping they’ll be big enough to stay in my main chicken coop that you can see in the picture above.


They were the cutest, tiniest little babies when I got them.


Now they’ve grown up into loud, obnoxious teenagers with one heck of an attitude.


The picture on the left shows them at a week old; the picture on the right is their 2 week photo.

All Images © Ashlee Culverhouse Photo 2012

I hope their eggs are half as beautiful as the ones Mrs. Jennifer gave me. Loretta was an Ameraucana, which are known as Easter Egg layers. She had the prettiest blue eggs. These six babies are Red Pullets, which lay brown eggs. Not as pretty, but equally as tasty!


3 thoughts on “Photo Update | Life at the Culverhouse

  1. Long distance (sarcastic) high-five at old home ownership.

    & that photo of OC that’s black and white is ultra precious! Reading that he closes his eyes is heartbreaking, my old dog did that and I just think the worst of it, that he learned it because of what his former “owners” did to him :/ However, at the same time, Violet Ann does that and I’ve never abused her a day in her life, so maybe it’s just a quirk 😉

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