The Culverhouse is Dismantled (and then Re-mantled)

I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that no one in the history of home decoration has stressed about the appearance of their mantle more than I did. Since it remained dressed in it’s holiday decor for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, I didn’t have a reason to worry about what I would do with it the remaining 9 months of the year. Then January rolled around and I was like…”OH SNAP; EMPTY MANTLE.”

Before I jump into my new mantle, I never uploaded pictures of my CHRISTMAS mantle which was so wonderful that it was almost worth the fact that I accidentally amputated my thumb while putting up the decorations.


I even took the liberty to make my own ornaments from lemons, grapefruit, blood oranges, and limes because I swear I spent every penny I had on the tallest tree I could find around here.


Anyway, back to January…I hate empty mantles almost as much as I hate beige walls, so I began researching and brainstorming ideas that would complement my living room the remaining months of the year. I wanted to stick to something neutral with small bursts of color. I chose white with accents of green, since we’re painting the walls in here a light {think REALLY light}, earthy green. Now, obviously it’s not completely done; I still need to mount the placemats (yes, placemats) I used in the back to set it off from the wall. Also, please excuse the crappy Photoshopping I used to take out the cords from the television since Tom has yet to wire them behind the wall. HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT.



Also, I’m a Nate Berkus freak, so when he came out with a line for Target, I stood in the aisle sobbing and thanking God for this dream come true. I picked out some of his beige curtains with a gold pattern that look INSANE and they were only $25.00 a panel as opposed to the ones I was eyeing at Anthro that looked similar. Unfortunately, instead of spending $600.00 on curtains, I had to pay car insurance. Poor me. I’m also waiting on Mpix to send me a huge shipment, so until then, I have frames filled with Tyler Knott quotes and an African American family having a picnic. (It came in the frame.) Also take note of the books I have stacked up under the vase, one of which is Bethenny Frankel’s “A Place of Yes” which is now completely worthless now that she announced her divorce from Jason. Devastating.


And then, if you didn’t notice, I was feeling extra procrastinatey the other night, so I made a Valentine’s Day banner for a shoot I have coming up with one of my favorite little boys. It’s taken up residence on my mantle until then, though.


Tom and I single-handedly constructed a fence this weekend for the dogs. Odie Claude managed to escape it a mere 2 hours after we had it completed, which is about 2 hours longer than we thought it would take. Fortunately, we’re using Saturday to put in an electric wire at the bottom and top so that if he tries it again, it’ll fry him and we’ll have him for dinner. I’m kidding, although, not really. When he escaped, he attacked Cully (my rooster), dragged him up under the barn, and chewed on him for twenty minutes, causing his daddy to have to come home from work and give him the ultimate spanking. Somehow, Cully managed to survive this trauma and is currently recovering in an undisclosed location. I’m beyond happy with the way the fence turned out. It adds so much character to the house and after we landscape this month, I’ll hopefully have pictures. It’s so dainty and cute and cottage-y and perfect. Now if it can just contain the dog.


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