Three Down, Eight to Go

I bought a fixer-upper forgetting I wouldn’t have time to fix it up.

Which SUCKS, because this house has rooms that have textured walls and I’ve officially lived with said textured walls for 7 months. If there’s one thing worse than textured walls, it’s linoleum flooring. OH WAIT, it’s got that, too.

But since I’ve taken January to recover from my nothing-short-of-murderous busy Christmas season, I’ve been trying to make a significant dent in the renovations that need to go on around here.

When I moved in, every room in this house was painted beige. Well, I hate beige. So my first call of order was to paint over the sand colored sheetrock and liven the place up a bit. My kitchen was the first renovation thanks to  Daddy-O and it’s so cute and old-school country that I just smile every time I walk in there. Except when I walked in and Tom was pouring Dr. Pepper all over our “dutch-oven chicken” because he “thought it would make it taste better.” It doesn’t.

Then, my bathroom got a makeover with mint-green walls and white accents. It doesn’t look perfect, but it doesn’t look like a bathroom in a Mexican restaurant anymore.

And finally, after church on Sunday, Tom and I sucked it up and painted my bedroom because I was sure I wouldn’t be able to sleep another night in a beige room. Spoiled? Nah. Just opinionated. I picked out a grey color, but when we opened the paint, it was blue. Oh well, beats beige. (I’ve learned that it is very tricky picking out a good grey; they look so different once on the walls). We spilled more paint than made it onto the walls, but 4 hours and 2 gallons of paint later, I’m so happy with the results.

I make my bed everyday now.

I open the blinds in the morning.

I sit in my corner chair and read.

It’s perfect for right now.


Please excuse the missing mirror from the sunburst over the bed. It got shattered during the move and believe it or not, it’s nearly impossible to find a mirror that size & shape.



Anyway, that’s that. The mudroom is going to be my next victim. Luckily, my genius mother knows how to put up wallpaper, so this beauty is getting slathered all over the mudroom’s beige walls.


Another ongoing project is a fence for Odie Claude. Poor boy longs to be an outdoor dog {he was a street rat until I swiped him up, gave him a bath, painted his nails, and put a bow tie on him}, but I can’t let him out because he goes nutzo. So my crew and I, {which consists of Tom, Kenedy, and me} are digging post holes and fencing in a 30×30 section of my yard just outside of my side door. OC will still sleep indoors, but he’ll stay outside primarily during the day. His great-grandfather, Granddaddy, is building him a quaint little cottage with a tin roof so he’ll have some shelter. Aphid, on the other hand, will continue to despise the outdoors, only stepping foot outside to do his business, then promptly coming back indoors and looking up at me as if to ask “why’d you make me go out in the cold?”



One thought on “Three Down, Eight to Go

  1. Hi! I found your blog looking at a friend’s wedding photo. I’m from Ashburn and I think you just shot a wedding down here recently. I love your blog so far! May I ask, where is this wallpaper from? I am quite inspired!

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