It’s Halloween at the Culverhouse

As I was driving though beautiful downtown Fort Valley yesterday, I noticed a unique, fall-inspired arrangement near the highway. Pulling over to observe it in all of its glory, I found myself instantly inspired to create something equally as beautiful for my little home.

As you can see I’m being sarcastic. I just thought this “arrangement” was hilarious and definitely portfolio-worthy for the designer behind its creation.

Anyway, I’ve been determined that when I got a house of my own, I’d do my best to “dress-up” the mantle for each holiday. Forget the fact that you can’t open the door to my guest room, there’s still 7 rooms to be painted, and we’ve got to landscape. Decorating for Halloween was #1 on my priority list. Tom and I had bought 5 medium-sized pumpkins for a good price a few weeks ago and they were just sitting outside baking in the sun, so I decided to bring them in and use them as a base for my decor. Not only can I use those badboys for my Halloween mantle, but they’ll be good for Thanksgiving as well. I then set a budget of $20.00 for the rest of the mantle. I love decorating for the holidays, but I love spending my money on wise things, like life-sized canvases of mine and Tom’s photos, so I decided that $20.00 was my max. I’ll tell y’all about that life-sized canvas thing later.

Now, I do enjoy the occasional Dollar General shopping trip. I usually only go when Tom is not with me because he is known to pitch fits, and they usually occur in one of the following: Wal*Mart, Hobby Lobby, or Dollar General. Since I had the afternoon to myself, however, it was the perfect time for me to go. Now I know Dollar General isn’t in most people’s “places to go” when shopping for holiday decor, but I will share this little secret with you. It should be on your places to hit up while shopping for holiday decor because with the right imagination and a vision, you can create something almost to Pinterest standards.

Observe my DOLLA GENERAL decor mixed with a few items I had lying around the house.

The wicker pumpkin and star I found at Goodwill several weeks ago and knew they’d come in handy somewhere.

My mom gave Baylee and I the Halloween”poison vile.”

And the witch sign is from a few years ago from the clearance isle at Wal*Mart.

And my total came out to be $18.37. I did cheat just a tiny bit because the guy at the register told me (if I wouldn’t tell anyone) he would “forget” to scan one of the glitter pumpkins. It’s not like I asked him to do it and I haven’t told anyone, so it’s like it never happened.

I mean, it’s not Southern Living worthy or anything, but not too shabby for twenty bucks.


3 thoughts on “It’s Halloween at the Culverhouse

  1. I think you could easily be in Southern Living…. and I love the painted pumpkins !!! You are too creative….I’m jealous !

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