Blessed Are Those Who Give

I’ve been thinking since I moved to Perry that I’d like to get involved in an organization that I could be passionate about. As much as I love photography, I feel like it’s the only way I define myself at the moment. My mind never wanders from my next idea, my next shoot, or my next ‘big step’ as a photographer. It’s a very fulfilling job to me; capturing people’s memories and forming that bond with them is something that just makes my heart so full. I wake up every day grateful that I get to do something that fulfills me to the extent my job as a photographer does. That being said, sometimes I feel like I could do more; focus less on building my brand and more on building personal experiences that help other people.

I have a part-time job weekday mornings that puts me in direct contact with kids that have been through some pretty rough stuff in their short lives. Stuff that no one should be exposed to or forced to deal with. Before I began my job as a photographer, I never had any interest in children. Now, to put it lightly, I’m a kid freak. I love kids. I couldn’t do this job if I didn’t love kids. I have a newborn shoot in the morning (see, we’re right back to talking about photos) and I can hardly think about sleeping – I can’t wait to hold him, smell his baby smell, hear his tiny baby noises. And, somehow, I’m good with kids. I know how to make them laugh, make them smile, earn their trust. Maybe I can relate to them because mentally, I think I’m approximately 7 years old.

So, I’ve put in an application to become a “big sister” with the Big Brother Big Sister program here in Middle Georgia. I’ll be committed to mentoring a child at least once per week, possibly more. There are so many weeks that I wish there were more hours in the day, but I know I can make time for this. With the purchase of this new house, I feel like lately I’ve gotten too caught up in the material things in life; that lamp that I’m scraping up the money for at Pier 1, the ottoman I’m drooling over for my living room, the rug that’s on my Christmas list for my breakfast room. I need to do something good for the benefit of others.

I found this video that my friend, Haley, shared very inspirational: 

As much as I’d like to be remembered as Ashlee, the photographer, I think it’s more important to be remembered as someone who cared about others.


Hope you caught the sunset tonight. It sure was colorful.


2 thoughts on “Blessed Are Those Who Give

  1. Yay! Glad to hear that! Let me know when your sign goes up and I’ll come snap some photos – and ask you some questions about being a big sister! 🙂

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