Loretta and Cully: Ruling the Roost at the Culverhouse

Last post, I mentioned I had two new family members and they were of the feathered kind, but I thought I should probably do an entire blog posting about them because they really rule the roost around here. When I moved home, the {tentative} plan was for me to adopt my mom and sister’s 3 chickens, which they’ve raised from babies. But, as a complete and utter shock to me, Bee and Mom got too attached to their feathered friends and can’t bear to part with them. Those three are the tamest chickens I’ve ever been in contact with, and the most spoiled at that. They were raised in our backyard…in Statham’s Landing, so they aren’t your average farm chickens. They get baths, only walk around during certain “safe” hours of the day, go on car rides, and you can turn them on your backs and cuddle them.


Luckily, Mickey at the farm had two he was willing to part with, a rooster and a hen. Cully, the rooster, is the nicer of the two. The hen, Loretta, is still growing on me. She’s very submissive and dependent on Cully, which kinda ticks me off. I just wanna slap her and say “BE AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN” but I refrain. She literally stays up under him 24/7 – if they were human, they’d be one of those annoying couples that can’t leave each other’s side. She does her job, though, and lays the most beautiful baby blue eggs that I could ask for, perfect for making morning omelets and brownies.

Tom has done a tremendous job of my little coop, considering how busy he is and how unskilled he is when it comes to building things. I think he had some help from the awesome Kenedy and Mickey, but I’m still so thrilled with the way it looks. This weekend, we’re painting it a avocado green color. One of my favorite parts that won’t be getting painted over is the door, which was a door off of an old shop at the farm. I got the star emblem at Tractor Supply for $5.00 – I’m not usually into the “western” decor, but this seemed fitting.

Aphid is still getting used to have birds run around in the yard and he’s fascinated by the blue eggs. I haven’t quite gotten brave enough to let him out without a leash (I keep having flashbacks to the baby duck murder). Anyone have any tips to keep a 20-lb, hyper, spoiled, defensive Jack Russell Terrier with selective hearing from killing chickens? Shock collars aren’t an option…but, I’m sure no one I know would suggest that anyway.

I also took the time this afternoon to photograph the only blooming thing in my entire yard, my spider lilies that have just popped up recently. One of my big projects for this winter is LANDSCAPING because this yard is a BARREN WASTELAND. Luckily, I’ve got the hookup when it comes to trees and plants and flowers and anything that grows in the ground. Cleveland Tree Company will soon be supplying me with a beautiful yard full of trees in exchange for babysitting their middle child for 8 years now.

Well, I do have one other thing blooming right now. My favorite rain boots both had huge holes in the back of them but I couldn’t bear to donate them or throw them away, so I stuck some flowers in them this afternoon. Unfortunately, I think the flowers will probably need more space and I’ll eventually have to transplant them, but they look nice for now.


2 thoughts on “Loretta and Cully: Ruling the Roost at the Culverhouse

  1. poor Loretta. Typical ameraucanas. Haha all of mine are terrible! But i love them still. You made me laugh at the couple thing. Hehe.
    See you soon!
    Ps when my signs get out up, I may come knocking on your door to take a picture of me and my horse infront of it! 🙂 I’m Little excited.

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