Renovations Begin on the CulverKitchen

Well, renovations at the Culverfarm have officially started as of today. If you don’t already know, renovating a home that was built in 1901 is a super easy task. Said no one ever.

It honestly is a home filled with lots of character. I love the fireplaces in every room. I love the old, brass doorknobs and the beautiful hardwood floors. I love the white wood paneling and the tall ceilings. We really don’t have too much work to do to the actual house, other than a coat of paint in each room and glazing the windows.

But the kitchen? It needs some work. And when I say it needs some work, I mean that we should have bombed the kitchen and started from scratch. But since I have so much free time [NOT] and the budget of a 15-year-old, I thought why not make do with what we have and add “personal touches.”

So, we’re painting the cabinets and the walls. Painting cabinets is so much fun. As if unscrewing each and every door and drawer wasn’t fun enough, sanding them added even more fun. And for the actual painting process, well, it takes nothing short of a lifetime. And once you put ONE coat on, you wait for it to dry, sand it a bit more, since you have so much energy left, and then PAINT THEM AGAIN. Such a joyous time.

Luckily, I have two wonderful construction workers named Doug and Tom and a fantastic secretary named Peggy. Soon to have another worker, named BeeBop, once she’s done being genius down in Valdosta. My plan was to put Doug and Tom to work this afternoon while Peggy and I walked about the house and decided on furniture placement, china patterns, and paint colors. Unfortunately, Doug handed us each a piece of sandpaper and a paintbrush and told us to get to work. Since he’s such cheap labor, I didn’t contest.

Ten minutes in, and I’m on the internet researching painters in the Perry area. But noooooo, Ashlee, “doing it yourself will force you to take better care of them” and “you’ll have so much pride in your work once you’re done” and “you do realize that hiring painters cost money, and you don’t have any anymore.”

So we worked for 100,000 hours straight and finally left the Culverfarm at 11:47 p.m. with our bodies covered in paint. And after my shoots tomorrow, I’ll go back and do it all over again.

This is my color scheme for the Culverkitchen. The cabinets are the off-white, and we went with the Sparkling Something for the walls. I have several pieces of fabulous furniture for the kitchen, including my pride and joy, my pie safe. Also going in the kitchen is a vintage 1940’s breakfast table and a flour cabinet given to me by my wonderful hairstylist, Mrs. Sherry. Also, the multi-talented Emma Torrence is crafting some burlap curtains for the windows behind the sink area, which is going to be pretty jam-up. It’s gonna be all shabby and chic when we get done with it.

Of course my first meal in my new home would be KFC.

So that’s that. The alarm system is going in this week as well, and let me just go ahead and give you fair warning. Don’t try to break into my home, unless you’re wanting to die. This alarm system has motion sensors, window pane shatter detectors, door sensors, panic buttons, remote controls, motion security lights, and a plethora of other devices that alert me that you’re on the premises. I’m pretty excited about that, because a) I will feel like a spy and b) I’m scared of the dark. ALSO, pawn-shop Tom has equipped me with guns scattered throughout the house, and let’s just be clear, I shoot first and ask questions later. Okay? Okay.

So, if you’re in the area and love to paint, give us a holler. We provide excellent company.




3 thoughts on “Renovations Begin on the CulverKitchen

  1. So true, Ms. Susan!

    Jana, that is too funny! Please, PLEASE stop by next time y’all are in town. I would love to show y’all around the house and see my sweet “boyfriend.” 🙂

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