The Culverhouses Visit the Culverhizzle

Well. Today was a nice surprise.

I thought I was working, so I didn’t book anything. After a quick check of our schedule, turns out I had today off and it was MUCH NEEDED after shooting for 13 hours on Saturday and booking two shoots back-to-back yesterday. In total, I’ve logged almost 1,000 miles on my Jeep this weekend. I’m tired. Just really, really tired. So tired that a grande iced coffee couldn’t fix it. So tired that I left dinner early and went to lie down in the truck while my parents and Tom finished eating. So tired that it’s 11:30 and I’m in bed. Which for me, is unheard of.

I got to visit my house for the first time today, and I can’t think of any other way to say it other than I’m completely and totally smitten with the place. It feels like home for me. I’m just happy there. Maybe I’ve been holed up in my one-bedroom shoebox for too long, but I just feel like I need space. And, well, I got it. I’ve got horses and donkeys for neighbors, and each way I look, I see only farm land. There’s three acres for my pups to run. There’s an old barn out back with a charming shed to the side. I have a front porch and room for a garden. I have a pear tree in my front yard, and even though I hate pears, the fact that it’s MY PEAR TREE thrills me. I have the McCords across the street, the Waites next door, the Hayes behind me, and the Clevelands just down the road. And, Lord have mercy, I have a windmill. It’s the perfect little farm and I am one lucky and blessed person to get to call it home. Soon.

We took Weevil out there for the first time tonight and he is SUCH a farm dog. Aphid is a momma’s boy, but he is all boy…loves to get dirty, chase things around, run, tumble. Weevil isn’t so hyper, so we were interested to see how he would act. He loved it and explored every inch of the property.

Our first project is going to be insulating the bottom of the house to keep that heat/cooling bill down. We’re also doing a barn re-vamp and painting the interior of the Culverhizzle.

So here, have a look-see.

Lots of good memories are gonna happen here, I just know it.

And it feels pretty good to be back in his passenger seat, too, I guess.




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