Dougie Doug Is Movin’ To Texas!

Today, we found out our Dougie-Doug, my fellow intern, got a staff position at the Texarkana Gazette. This, my friends, is a pretty big freakin’ deal. Getting a photojournalism job ANYWHERE is a big deal, but I couldn’t be more proud of Doug.

Many times during this internship, I’ve asked HIM for advice…even though he’s also an intern. He’s dedicated, reliable, a strong shooter, and, most of all, he sees things differently. This is key in photojournalism. He comes into the newsroom with some pretty rad photographs, people.

I’ll be honest. When I started this internship, I didn’t know if Doug and I would bond. It’s not that I thought we wouldn’t get along, but I just didn’t think we’d become the friends we are now. But I’m so glad we are. I’m so glad we can go out for drinks and laugh about silly stuff, even though the only thing we have in common is our love of photojournalism. I’m so glad I got to work alongside him for six months. I’m so glad he’s my friend. I’m so glad I get to watch him do amazing things out there.

(I’m the mushy one in the photo department, obviously. I refuse to apologize for this.)

Despite being ridiculously talented behind a camera, he wrote this: The Best and Worst Parts of Being a Photojournalist

It’s well worth the read, y’all. Our jobs aren’t always playing with the penguins.

Check out his work at

I’ll miss him. But I’m so proud of him.


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