…and I love you.

One of the business reporters at the TFP and I recently teamed up on a story. We met at the location first thing that morning; he was there to get interviews and sources, I was there to get photos.

We waited…and waited…and waited for people to show up, but the place just wasn’t busy.

The reporter ended up having to leave to go to another assignment, but I had an hour to kill, so I stuck around in hopes of making a photo. If I found the right person, I’d call the reporter to let him know so he could rush back for an interview.

Needless to say, in walks the perfect source.

I text the reporter, “Hit the goldmine…found the perfect source.” He goes back for the interview.

The story runs in last week’s paper. We both forget about it…I mean, it wasn’t that big of a story.

Today, as I’m getting ready to go into work, I get a text from the reporter, “You coming in today? Stop by my desk and I will brighten your day.”

When I get to his desk, he plays a message on his answering machine for me. The guy that I photographed and he interviewed last week had called and left a message.

He explained how the story had been a blessing to him and others. He said some other nice, kind words. He said he was just calling to check in. Then he paused. Silence. And then, “and…….I love you.”

He told the reporter he loved him. Yes, it’s a bit funny, but there’s part of me that finds it really touching. We met this guy one time. The reporter may not have known it, but he obviously made a difference in this man’s life. Just by interviewing and writing about him.

As the reporter tweeted later that day, “#it’s_nice_when_sources_appreciate_you.”



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